The Lab

Manlio De Domenico
   +39 0461 314544

I study integrated Complex Systems (biological, socio-technical, communication and economic networks) and their complex dynamics, to understand how multiplexity and interdependencies lead to emergent collective phenomena and resilience to perturbations.

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   Director of Research Unit   

      Riccardo Gallotti
   +39 0461 312337

I am an interdisciplinary physicist working on the data-informed statistical modelling of individual and collective behavior. My research focuses on human mobility, decision making, transportation, and data science.

Valeria D'Andrea
   +39 0461 314042

My research is focused on unravelling spazio-temporal patterns of human and brain dynamics. To this aim I use data analysis and modeling methods developed in Complex Systems, Machine Learning and Information Theory.
     Postdoctoral Researcher   

      Oriol Artime

Trained as a physicist at Univ. of Barcelona, I moved to IFISC (Mallorca) to pursue a PhD on complex systems. I use tools from network theory, statistical physics and stochastic processes to better understand complex systems in general, and models of social dynamics in particular.
   Postdoctoral Researcher   

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Paolo Emilio Trevisanutto

My research interests are concerned with ab initio many-body perturbation theory and first principles Density Functional Theory and Time-Dependent Functional Theory in condensed matter Physics. Recently, I have extended my research investigation to Feed Forward Networks and to new machine learning approaches in Condensed Matter Physics.
     Senior Researcher   

      Giulia Bertagnolli

I got my BSc and Msc in Mathematics for Life Sciences at University of Trento and a 1st Level Master in Data Science at Bologna Business School in 2016. I am currently a PhD candidate in Mathematics at the University of Trento. I am interested in Data Science and in Network Geometry.
   PhD Candidate   

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Sebastian Raimondo

Trained as an Environmental and Land-planning Engineer at Politecnico di Milano, I am interested in Complexity Science and Network Theory, applied to the integrated analysis of global changes in socio-economy and environment. My Phd research is focused on human mobility, with the goal of improving our understanding of local and global migration patterns.
     PhD Candidate   

      Barbara Benigni

Environmental Engineer by training, deeply interested in network theory and complex systems dynamics encompassing environment, socio-economy and human beings. I am now a PhD candidate in Computational and Network Neuroscience, studying the relationship between human brain and cognition.
   PhD Candidate    

Nicola Castaldo

I got my M.Sc. in Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano in April 2019 and now I work as a technologist, with particular focus on Data Science and Data Visualization. I am curious, passionate about problem-solving and always interested in new technologies.

      Arsham Ghavasieh

Theoretical physicist by training, I investigate multilayer networks as reliable frameworks for studying complex systems, from human brain to society. I am also interested in quantum gravity.

Sebastiano Bontorin

I got my BSc in Physics at University of Trento in 2018. I am interested in the solution of complex computational problems, Biophysics and Network Science.

      Giuseppe Lupo

I got a BA of Political Science at University of Bologna in 2017 and currently I am a master's student of Sociology and Social Research at University of Trento. I am particularly interested in dynamics of collective action and emergence of conventions, norms and opinions in complex social systems.

Serafina Agnello
   +39 0461 314081

I am a Computer Scientist, Web Master and Web Designer specialized in Science Infographics. Currently, technologist of the eHealth Research Unit, I am co-organizer of the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks.
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Former Members/Visiting Scholars

      Ivana Bachmann
Visiting Scholar (PhD)

      Obaida Hanteer
Visiting Scholar (PhD)

      Elisa Battistoni

      Massimo Stella
Postdoctoral Researcher

Past Visiting