The Lab

Manlio De Domenico
   +39 0461 314544

I study integrated Complex Systems (biological, socio-technical, communication and economic networks) and their complex dynamics, to understand how multiplexity and interdependencies lead to emergent collective phenomena and resilience to perturbations.

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   Head of Research Unit   

      Massimo Stella
   +39 0461 314042

Physicist by training, I investigate Complex Systems where multilayer interactions lead to emerging phenomena unexpected in single-layer networks, such as resilience and spreading dynamics, with applications ranging from Brain/Mind to the Computational Social Sciences and Ecology.
   Postdoctoral Researcher   

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Arsham Ghavasieh

Theoretical physicist by training, I investigate multilayer networks as reliable frameworks for studying complex systems, from human brain to society. I am also interested in quantum gravity.

      Giulia Bertagnolli

I got my BSc in Mathematics at University of Trento and a 1st Level Master in Data Science at Bologna Business School in 2016. I am currently a Master Student in Mathematics for Life Sciences at the University of Trento. I am interested in Data Science and in Network Science.

Sebastiano Bontorin

I got my BSc in Physics at University of Trento in 2018. I am interested in the solution of complex computational problems, Biophysics and Network Science.

      Serafina Agnello
   +39 0461 314081

I am a Computer Scientist, Web Master and Web Designer specialized in Science Infographics.
   Associate Graphics Designer